Sunday, 1 January 2012

Switzerland and Pisa

Today we were in Switzerland hoping to go up to Jungfraujoch the highest accessible point in Europe. Unfortunately it was a white out due to heavy snow falls and all the trains were cancelled. Instead we took a gondola and train up to murren where we hired sleds to go down the run. It was quite scary as I was crap at steering and stopping. Most times I crashed to stop, once going into a pile of snow above my head. Was fun though.
After that went back to town and had a look around. Had some awesome pizza with like a pita bread base that I ate all of. Then to the swatch watch shop where I got a watch and some Swiss army knives.
Later returned to the camp base to defrost in a hot shower and watch a movie before dinner. Tonight for dinner we will be having fondue. Yum.

Ok fondue was Yuk. Went to Pisa to hold up the leaning tower. Was so cool. Wish it wasn't getting dark.

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