Friday, 13 January 2012

Sex drugs and rock n roll also mown as Amsterdam!

Was a little worried about what I might find here but was really surprised by how much I liked it. It's not just about the drugs and red light district (funny that). Started the day with a bike tour and beware they have as many bikes as people in the city. then headed off on my own to see the Rijks museum home of many Rembrant and Vermeer painting. My favorite of which was the milkmaid (girl with a pearl earring is not here unfortunately it's in the Hague). Then went to the van gogh museum which funnily enough is nearly the shape of an ear. Lots of cool paintings. Wish starry night was there but apparently it's in new York (or if you watch notting hill julia roberts owns it and gives it away.) Got an imitation though.
Next went to the Anne frank house and museum which was really cool and reminded me of the book, which incidentally I have just started to read before I realized this was here.
Later went to the main square and came very close to buying a Louvie Vuitton wallet. Ended up buying a dress to wear tonight. Also some souvenirs.
End of tour party tonight followed by a canal cruise. LONG bus day tomorrow. Back to London via Brugge and Calais.

Night peeps


  1. Ah, memories. Agreed, Amsterdam is a cool city. Did you see the massive multi-storey car-parks just for bikes? Crazy! (and environmentally friendly!)

  2. No but I saw bikes stacked high on the ground