Wednesday, 11 January 2012


So far Berlin is one of my favorite cities. I haven't liked to say any were my favorite because they are so different but I have enjoyed my day today. Had a walking tour with one of the most entertaining guides we have had on the tour so far. He through in lots of jokes and interesting stories. We saw the reinstag or German government building, German history museum, check point Charlie museum, jewish memorial, victims of socialism memorial and some other cool sites. Later went up a tv tower that was the highest point and got a good view of the city and the sun actually came out. Haven't see the sun since Florence.

Later went to see if I could see a movie in English but all the ones in English I had already seen. Nearly was tempted enough to see girl with the dragon tattoo in German but I figured the Americans had already buggered it up anyway. Went shopping instead. So much I wanted to buy and couldn't. Will have to wait until London.

Went to a flag shop today and bought a flag badge for every country I have visited (with the exception of Cambodia and Vanuatu). Hoping to combine them with a fabric map of the world and some form of photos to make a cool display.

Have given up quotes of the day as I keep forgetting them.

Cya all

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