Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Vatican city and Rome take 2

Early wake up this morning for our tour of Vatican city. The tour was really good and we went to St. peters basilica, the museum and Sistine chapel. Unfortunately was couldn't take photos in the Sistine chapel but it was so beautiful and intricate. I can't believe how much work went into it that long ago. The museum had lots of awesome artwork in it too.
Next we went off to the colosseum and the ruins around the forum. The ruins were so awesome, I really wanted to run through them where pele couldn't walk. The colosseum was massive and I was really impressed with the way it was made. You could almost close your eyes and picture things happening there.
Later got a bit lost trying to do some shopping. Ended up getting a cardigan from some really rude ladies, a Rome Tshirt and some pics. 
Tonight we will be having a toga party at the hostel bar. Should be fun.

Quote of the day: from our Vatican tour guide who seemed to be high on espresso or something "see what picture you got on your ticket, the pictures like to change. But not like in Harry potter they are not that cool."


  1. Looking at your amazing photos is making me realise I definitely need to do a dedicated European holiday!!

  2. Omg in Rome they had stcards of the sites with cats in them. Thought of you. Didn't buy one though