Wednesday, 18 January 2012

London calling

Hey all. Sorry it's been a while. Been busy and kinda didn't think things would be interesting. I now have three hours to waste so here I am recapping and remembering my last four days in London.

Day 1- really busy day this was. Started my day with a trip to portabello road markets which were so amazing and full of things I wanted to buy. Keep in mind I needed to curb my spending by London due to lack of space. Didn't see any bed knobs like in bed knobs and broomsticks though. Then walked around Notting hill and photographed a random house with a blue from door like in the movie toting hill. Nt the actual building as that has now been painting with a black door. See my motivation for my London trip? Any themes you have noticed? Yes this was a trip partly drivipen by my love of movies. Next went to covent garden to look at the market and meet up with Chaz from my Asia tour and her friends for some pub fish n chips. I have to say only good meal I have eaten in London and will most likely got back there for another one tonight being my last night. Next was my small group tour through bucking am palace which was exquisit. They don't make buildings like they used to. Apparently the tour we did is like the one they do in summer, but in summer there are thousands of people with audio guides and everything is roped off. Where as we were even allowed to touch things :-). Was a real loser and bought a hand towel and fash washers with gold buckingham palace stitching and a diamond jubilee mug. Then got privately escorted through the front courtyard under the infamous balcony and out a gate just off the main gates. People out the front go crazy thinking you are someone special and take heaps of photos then get disappointed when they realize you are not 'someone'. Then head to see the lion king. Easily one of my favorite musicals ever! And that's saying something.

Day 2- this was my big tourist day. Went up the tower bridge, through the tower of London, over London bridge, into the London dungeon and toured around the globe theatre. Then attempted to hit Oxford street. Dumbest idea in the world. Went to h and m but was disappointed the dress I waited since Berlin to buy wasn't in store in England. Got overwhelmed and had an internal hissy fit and gave up on shopping. In the evening went to the hard rock for dinner and got my usual Tshirt. Yes that Tshirt number ummm four for the trip I think. (Venice, Prague, Amsterdam and London). Headed off to see totem by cirque du soleil at royal Albert hall. The hall is huge and really pretty. The show was awesome but admittedly not my favorite cirque show. Too much fluff and not enough gym centered tricks. Highlights we're Russian bar, frogs n the horizontal bars and the rings. Trapeze was also good but why they dressed them in yellow I have no idea. After the show caught up with Darren (head coach on the show) and met some of the performers back at his flat. Was really fun and they signed my program.

Day 3- travelled to a,Paton court palace and back to the time of Henry the eightieth. Palace was really cool even if not all of it is the original building. Later headed back to Oxford street and found primary. omg it is huge and way better than shops at home. If my suitcase wasn't already full I think I would have like two more suitcases full of clothes. Next time I come back to London I am bringing a suitcase filled with pillows, a pair of jeans a jumper and pjs. That's it. Yes very light travel next time. Headed to the rainforest cafe for dinner. Meal was a bit crappy but it was great to remember being there back in the day with the gym girls. Would have been more fun to take Isabel there. Show tonight was ghost the musical. Very similar to the movie along the story line and special effects were really really cool and clever. At first I was really sinical and didn't like it but by the end I grew to appreciate it. Not my type of musical but on a whole a very well put together show.

Day 4 (today)- begun the day near the palace again. Headed down the mall to trafalgar square going past Clarence house (home of Charles). Then headed past the horse guards and downing street to Westminster abbey. Inside there were so many tombs of people I didn't think would be in there. I mean the have a whole section dedicated to poets and writers. Favorite part of was stain glass windows and seeing sir isaacs tribute. Was good to picture the royal wedding too and realizing just how hard it would have been for people at the wedding to see it without tv screens. We definitely got the best view on tv (bar that of the important royals at the front). Then headed back for the changing of the guards at horse guards. Then to Lambeth palace ( where the knightbus squeezes between two red buses). Then spent like 30 mins walking along the Thames river near tower bridge trying to get a photo for my mm who complained about the sun in the set I got on day 2. Finally got one I think she will approve of lol. Then got a photo of leaden hall market aka diagonal alley. Couldn't find the pub the leaky cauldron was used as. Then off to Camden markets. Glad I didn't come here before I realized my lack of packing space coz I could have gone mental buying clothes and trinkets. Now hanging and resting in my hotel room until I see my last show of the trip - Matilda the musical. Must remember to get Andrew a program.

Happy times but ready to go he for a real meal with vegetables! Mum if you read this Kiev or roast with veggies and gravey please. Or out for Chinese with the babies.

Hope you have enjoyed my blog I realize it would have been better if I could add my pics here too. Cya

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