Monday, 14 November 2011

She flys through the air with the greatest of ease.

 So the 13th of November I had my very first go at trapeze. It was SOOOO much fun and I will definately do it again. My gymnastics definately came in handy because I picked things up really quickly. A special thanks to Meghan for inviting my along to her birthday and Australian Trapeze for teaching us cool tricks.
See my catch and return below :-)           

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Victorian Championships 2011

So today I competed in my first Victorian Championships in 10 years. It was pretty nerveracking at the beginning but then I got into it. Managed to stay on beam YEAH. My scores were 10 on Vault, 9.5 on Bars, 11.5 on Beam and 11.2 on Floor. Came 18th AA. Lots of room for improvement next year but a great first year back.

Saturday, 5 November 2011

Off the page scrapbooking

Have had a very productive week scrapbooking getting ready for Christmas and avoiding writing reports. My projects have included making accordian albums for my students Christmas presents, a princess jewelery drawer set for my niece and a bookend drwer set for a special little girl who I will talk about more near the photo.

  Princess Drawer Set by Kaiser Craft
 This first picture is of the Christmas present for my niece who recently turnd 5. She may be a bit young for it but fingers crossed. She loves butterflies and fairies so the Magic Happens paper by Kaiser Craft was perfect. The Airy Fairy would probably work too.  First I covered the drawers and wood with the patterned paper and then inked the edges with the green. (Should have painted it prior to paper sticking). Then I cut out pictures and added diamentes. There are more butterflies cut out and taped to the sides, bits of kindy glitz and other things too. 

Bookend drawer set by Kaiser Craft

This project just started out as something random to pass on to whoever. I start with a base of lilac paint and then covered the side of the wood pieces with the same paper as above. Then I did the boxes, added rub ons and embelishments. On the top it has "little princess, make a wish". When wondering who to pass it onto this rub on sparked a though. A friend of mines daughter recently was in an accident which caused her to have burns to more than 50% of her body. The poor little thing is only 6/7yo and has been in hopsital for 2 months, with many surgeries to go and wont be out of hospital for at least 3 more months. Originally I was unsure of how I could help or make this darling little girl feel loved and hopeful so in the get well card I wrote that I hoped it could be a place where she could keep things that were special to her close by in her hospital room. I can't wait to hear about when she receives it.

Thats it for this one. Hoping to add more finished projects soon.


Hi and welcome to my first ever blog. I am not entirely sure what I'll be focusing on here, but it will hopefully be a mixture of scrapbooking, travel and everyday life. I am heading off to Europe over the holidays so this will be the main place I'll post about where I have been and photos I have taken. 

Keep an eye out for new posts coming soon.