Thursday, 29 December 2011

Paris - bonjour

So this website isn't really compatible with my iPad so sorry no photos going up here and having trouble changing text size etc.

Anyway back to the trip, took the ferry from Dover to Calais which was not too rough and thought the Dover cliffs were beautiful. Was a little bit sick from jet lag on first day so missed the city night tour on the bus and therefore didn't get to see the Arc de Triomphe :-(
Only had one full day to see the sites. Went to the very top of the Eiffel tower which was fun. Very foggy and cold but the view was amazing.
Next moved on to a river cruise down the Seine to check out the main sites along the river. Then the Louvre which you need about a week to get through and it is really hard to navigate how to get out. Saw the Venus de milo and Mona Lisa (got right up to the barrier and got an awesome photo.) went to see a painting by Vermeer but after thirty minutes changing floors and walking from one side to the other found that it was being refurbished. (sigh).
Later went to the Notre Dame cathedral and saw a mass. Couldn't understand a word but the singing was really pretty and it was somewhere warmer to sit and wait for tour to go to dinner. It has some amazing architecture. Still feeling a bit ick but slowly getting over the jetlag and tiredness.

Today I have a 10 hour bus trip to Switzerland where it is fore at for -12degrees ick. Could be problematic as it takes an hour to put chains on the bus tires depending on the weather.
Hotel I stayed at in Paris is really good for the rating but is a little far out of town. (hotel b and b if you are interested.)

gotta go.
Au revouir

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