Saturday, 17 December 2011

The countdown is well and truely underway.

So there are officially 8 days until I leave for Europe and I am starting to get very excited / anxious about the journey. Anxious mainly about how am I going to get things done, particularly the last 4 days at school. Also about what to pack and what to leave behind. Lots of what ifs I cannot control and need to just get over and let go of. 

What do I have planned for my trip?
I'll be heading off on Christmas night to London via Hong Kong on the longest flight I've been on (25 hours). After one night in London I'll kick off my tour with Top Deck which goes to Paris, Swiss Alps, Flornece, Rome, Venice, Salzburg, Prague, Berlin and Amsterdam. Phew. All in 18 days. Then on to London for 5 more days before heading home. Its fast but time in the holidays is limited and I will try and go back again if I miss things. 

Fingers crossed my packing decisions go well. Check back for photos and updates from my trip :-)

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